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 In our kennel puppies grow among grownup dogs and communicate with people a lot. Puppies are sent to new masters houses not younger
than 15 weeks of age. Then puppies are already dehelminthed at least twice, have a microchip (integrated microscheme), documents of origin issued by Lithuanian cynological society (LKD), vaccine passport recognized by European Union. 
    Puppies in our kennel grow among grownup dogs and communicate a lot with people. We do not re-sell puppies to sales people nor to zoo stores and all puppies bred in our kennel do have origin documents issued by LKD and acknowledged by FCI. 

Puppies arrive to their new home with dowry: 

they are dewormed according to their age,

vaccinated according to their age, minimum 2 times,

veterinary passport of European Union,

marked by integral microscheme (microchipped),

with pedigree  of Lithuanian cynological society,

support with registration as well as for participation in shows. 

Main questions to the upcoming owners of puppies from our kennel:

Are you looking for a puppy for your home (PET), for breeding (BREED) or show career (SHOW)?

A puppy of what gender are you looking for?

Were you growing a maltese earlier, what experience do you have?

Do you work the whole working day?

What time the puppy will be spend alone?

Do you have an opportunity to take a puppy with you to working place, studies etc.?

What is your family status?

Do you have children? What age are they?


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